Instant Korean Ramen

Korean ramen is just as popular in Korea as it's in the Japanese culture. In particular Shin Ramen is the most popular instant Korean ramen brand, has a special place in the Korean food culture. It’s a simple dish that symbolizes the humble, resilient and creative traits of the Korean American people. This noodle dish has a spicy broth and can be elevated and customized with simple ingredients such as kimchi, egg, scallions and seaweed.  You can also supersize this meal by adding proteins such as left over steak, chicken or even canned tuna! 

Whenever I am craving Korean flavors but don’t have a lot of time or ingredients I turn to this dish as my favorite instant comfort food!  Hope you to try this at home and get more familiar with Korean flavors. 


Serves 1 - 2 people

Instant Shin Ramen (available at your local Korean or Chinese Grocery or Amazon)

3 scallions chopped

1 egg

Optional toppings

1/4 cup kimchi

1/4 cup chopped cooked chicken, or beef or canned tuna

Seaweed snack sliced to 1/4" ribbons

Garnish with toasted sesame seeds


Ramen ingredients


Prepare ramen following the directions on the back of the bag. Once the ramen starts to boil and noodles soften about 3 minutes, add in kimchi and proteins if using. Let boil for 1 minute and add in the scallions and drop a cracked egg and mix well until fully cooked. 

Step 2

Turn off the heat and add the seaweed ribbons and garnish with sesame seeds.








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