Bimbimbap Workshop

Bimbimbap Workshop

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“Bibim” means mixing ingredients. “Bap” means rice. Put the bibim with the bap and you get this ultimate, one pot Korean rice dish that’s loaded with an assorted rainbow of veggies and bulgogi beef. All you need is a cast iron skillet and some chopping rhythm to learn the secret of making perfectly crispy, restaurant-grade bibimbap at home!

We can customize to be vegan and or gluten free.


  • All classes are private lessons. You can team up with friends and family for an intimate experience.
  • Class will last up to 1.5 hours
  • All ingredients will be prepped for you
  • During class, we will go through each step of the process from chopping and seasoning to cooking techniques
  • Bonus - you’ll also learn how to make a spicy gochujang bibim sauce!

Minimum group of 4 people to reserve a private class.

Group of 9 or more, please inquire for event pricing.